Managing your contingent workforce made simple. 

We know finding the right candidates and the right staffing services can be time consuming and disjointed. That’s why we created Persona – a platform that brings hirers, workers and agencies together to galvanise the process of finding the right person for the job.

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You can’t manage what you can’t see

Better understand your staffing spend, enable total visibility and management of your contingent workforce and agencies by using the Persona platform.

Persona helps companies adopt an effective ‘Total Talent Acquisition Stratgey’ by activating the potential of a contingent workforce management.

Improve future success with the right people at the right time

Human Capital is more than “employees”. Business success is achieved by having the right people at the right time to help you reach, achieve and exceed your business goals.

Leading companies and HR professionals know that acquiring high quality talent is vital for a successful long term business strategy. Whether hiring permanent workers or contingent workers, the quality of the hire is invaluable.

What we can do for you
With Persona, your company can drive efficiencies, streamline processes and improve visibility and control. 
Instant Communications

Whether sending push notifications, in-app chat or receiving alerts, Persona gives you immediate real-time updates so you can manage effectively.

Candidate Selection

Informed candidate selection, through work history, reviews, ratings and recommendations. Helping you make the right decision.

Vendor Management

Using Persona’s agency analytics and engagement features to choose the best staff services for your business needs. Whether it’s for cost reduction or finding the right specialist workers.

Revolutionise Recruitment Streams
3 Steps to a successful hiring strategy
These 3 steps mean that your company can save time tracking staffing outcomes, communicating directly to your chosen hires and ensuring measured performances support sound decision making.